What is Digital Direct?

The Next Generation Electronics Marketplace.

Digital Direct aims to be the worlds most complete and comprehensive Electronics Marketplace, catering for companies and geeks alike to make the best technology available to everyone on the planet.

We provide an online Computer Tech marketplace platform where you can sell your products, along with other services provided by our sister companies.

We are leaders in innovation and we are constantly looking towards improved technologies, with passion and expert knowledge to drive digital transformation.

Where We Started...

Digital Direct was originally founded in 2018 as a small company, fixing computers and selling parts. We have since grown to cater for some of the biggest local and international business brands.

We aim to revolutionize the online eCommerce market by bringing the best aspects of everyday social media right to the storefront. We are building the next generation marketplace you can trust with the community to match.

"The best trust is zero trust. We will give people a way to know who they're buying from with our comprehensive community verification system"
Nico Steyl

Digital Direct Online Marketplace

Digital Direct is revolutionizing online e-Commerce by merging the best features of everyday social media with the Marketplace. We aim to be the online store you can trust and we have spent decades perfecting the art to bring you the best service available to date.

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Friendly Community
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Digital Direct operates internationally. Our Head Office is based in sunny South Africa, and our vendors are located all around the world.

Send us a message below, we are always happy to hear from you!

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Digital Direct SA (PTY) Ltd.

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Digital Direct SA is registered with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission.

Company Registration Number: 2019/129785/07