Sell Models With Us

Next level Royalties

We believe that the market belongs to it’s people. We simply aim to provide a platform for these people to exchange their services and digital assets. To achieve this, we give our creators 90% royalty. We encourage quality work and inspect all our submissions to ensure quality for customers and creators.

Individuals with Talent

At Digital Direct SA, we understand that the industry is not an exclusive thing. Instead of fighting against this tide, we encourage it. We are currently building the foundations for an open international market for quality content, and we need your help.

If you would like to sell your models and earn $$$, contact us with a few previews and a link to the model and we’ll add it to our marketplace.

Monthly Payments

We ensure our creators are rewarded. With no undue delays, we pay out earnings monthly. Currently, we only make use of Paypal, but we intend to expand our site’s payment features.

Improvements and Features

This site is in now in it’s beta launch version. Many of our features are still in development, but we do have some big things planned. With better dashboards, better payment methods, better creator security and a quality guarantee, we aim to become one of the most respected digital content providers in the world.

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