Modern Furnished Realistic Double Story House with Foliage 3D model

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This massive high-poly model comes with a bunch of goodies. I’ve made this model keeping in mind that the items could later be used in your own projects. What you will get:

  • The house geometry with 4 different windows 3 different doors, and 2 types of stairs and every room is furnished
  • Material ID’s and Smoothing Groups properly mapped
  • House appliances, bathroom ware, and many other household items
  • Physically accurate texture maps, compatible with all 3D programs
  • Materials created within 3DS Max
  • IES Light Files
  • HDRI Light Files
  • Photorealistic Plants and Foliage
  • Photorealistic Trees (Most of the polygon count is attributed to the foliage)
  • All the foliage items have been converted to polygon objects, so you will not be needing any additional software or plugins apart from V-Ray for the grass.
  • Clean and Organised Hierarchy and Layering
  • Unreal Engine 4 Compatible Naming Convention Used

All the items can be re-used in different projects, and have been made polygon objects with this specific purpose in mind. Every object will be one complete editable poly, with different sub-elements that make up the model.


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